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The impact of technology in a legal environment is both in depth and complicated. The management of constantly generated documents, the security of sensitive information and the massive cost per hour of downtime can seem daunting. But not to CASS Inc. CASS has been providing cost effective forward thinking legal IT solutions for over a decade.

Well versed in the best document management systems, CASS has saved their legal clients countless hours of time and energy installing solutions and training staff and attorneys in solutions best suited to small, medium or large law firms. Additionally, CASS has rescued new legal clients from pending security disasters and preserved their extensive legal clientele from hacking, theft and natural disasters by utilizing the best in proven technologies and the most innovative new tools in the technology industry.

CASS’s managed service offerings are an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure IT infrastructure and work- station environments are proactively managed to minimize information processing disruptions. Satisfied legal clients often reflect on the fact they are able to focus on legal work, their expertise, knowing that the technology that enables them to excel is safe, secure and effective in the hands of CASS Inc. (our expertise!)

Whether your needs include full outsourcing of your law firm’s network and help desk, supplementation of an internal support team or to assistance after hours and on weekends, CASS’s network operations center provides you with a powerful solution.

If your firm is interested in improving or enhancing your technology solutions in document management, case management, accounting specific to legal, document assembly, metadata protection, e-discovery, security, becoming the mobile attorney, or if you are interested improving the firm’s work flow contact CASS today. We can help you develop a road map through our best practices and proven methodologies.

Note: the above solutions are only a few items the CASS Tech Team can handle. Contact us today for a better tomorrow.


  • A Law firm that CASS approached understanding their filing system and storage issue. This client was dealing with statute of limitation laws retained in paper form and the client required more onsite storage, as well as paying for offsite augmented storage. The client was paying HR overhead for specific personnel to file information at their location. In addition, they required tools to facilitate those means…next, the client paid an external service to collect and store their documentation (paper) off site. Altogether, annually, the client was paying$175, 000 and CASS implemented a solution whereby 1) CASS help the customer setup a policy for statute of limitations and designed a paperless environment. Hence, implementing a scanning utility service that could handle the high volume and clarity required, with a document management solution that addressed the organization high intensity requirements. With the new paperless integration, CASS integrated a higher level of performance network storage solution (NAS) to handle the high volume of material and disaster recovery needs, in order to facilitate the critical needs for workflow, backup and disaster recovery. Essentially the Law Firms ROI breakeven point was within 6 months and resulted in a $150, 000 per annum in savings.


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