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Incorporating technology in the acquisition, disposition and management of Real Estate has enabled the industry to do more with less. New technologies create opportunities to handle tasks remotely from building control systems to back office support. The improvements in managing information, processes and controls has brought about choices on how to deal with the technical, budgetary and staffing challenges associated with the improved technology.

CASS has a strong knowledge of the Real Estate industry from Facility Management, Property Management, Asset Management and all the facets in-between. Our clients rely on CASS’s experience and expertise to provide 24X7 managed services with help desk, complete system design, implementation, training and support.

Real Estate companies have a tendency to view IT services as a reactive expense, rather than a proactive expense. But waiting until something breaks before seeking service radically increases the impact of downtime, creates inefficiencies and is almost always more expensive than proactive IT managment. Document management storage is another area that requires attention especially if a company is required to comply with FINRA’s rules and regulations regarding a client’s records. CASS’s managed services provides our clients with subject-matter experts in document management, security solutions, document automation, remote access and other solutions which are available at all times to support your company.

CASS has over 15 years of experience working with the Real Estate Industry which enables us to ask the right questions and provide our clients with the Right solutions at the Right price. Our clients require solutions that range from a single centralized office strategy to a multi-office/multi-state decentralized structure. With economies of scale, CASS’s managed services provides an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure that your IT infrastructure and work station environment is proactively managed to minimize information processing disruptions.


  • An Asset Management company approached us for improvement on their data filing system. The client was in the process of deploying capital to purchase a building at the rate of one building purchase every other month. The buildings were being purchased throughout the United States and the amount of due diligence material being accumulated was voluminous. The client had multiple people handling the purchases and they did not have a filing system in place to handle the accumulation and storage of information. The client was having problems from duplicate copies being saved, trouble determining the latest copy of a document to a delay in the amount of time it was taking the staff to locate documents. CASS implemented a scanning policy and integrated a higher level of performance network storage solution (NAS) in order to handle the high volume of material and disaster recovery. Secure Email was set up for confidential information along with the capacity to email large documents. The changes enacted by CASS enabled the client to become more efficient which drastically increased the client’s work flow as they were able to focus solely on the real estate.
  • A Property Management company approached us with assisting them to determine how to handle a 3rd party national property management assignment they just received. The company required a solution which would centralize the data while enabling the employees to access the information from any of their office locations throughout the United States. CASS set up a process which protected the data integrity but also gave the employees seamless access to the data which was accessible in real time as if the information was stored directly on their laptop hard drive. Backup and security systems were also put in place to protect the company and their client’s confidential information. The setup saved the company money in storage space as multiple copies of the information was not being saved and the utilization of a centralized storage system enabled the employees to be more productive as they could access the required information in real time instead of relying on others to email them the information.


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